• Press Release - 4/22/2016

    We had our first press release, 4/22/2016.

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  • Say something

    If one of your friends is being unsafe, tell them they shouldn’t be risking their lives or yours

  • Texting and Driving

    Distracted driving is worse than drinking and driving

  • This can happen

    Everyone thinks they can multitask well, and this won’t happen to them…but it does

  • Help spread the word

    Distracted driving is not only dangerous, it changes lives and families

Who is MNFDD?

Minnesotans Fighting Distracted Driving (MNFDD) is an organization dedicated to eliminating traffic crashes and deaths on Minnesota roads as a result of distracted driving.  We are working with local police departments and state legislators to bring public awareness to the problem, and change laws to enable effective enforcement. Please contact us to schedule your presentation. We have a few different presentations and are able to modify our presentation to your needs.

How can I help?

First of all, you can help by taking a pledge to not engage in distracted driving activities yourself.  This includes using your phone’s apps while driving, or anything which takes your eyes off the road.

Additionally, you can help by attending our upcoming events, promoting our events, legislation changes, and this website.  Spread the word on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever social channels you use – when you’re not behind the wheel.

Financial Contributions

MNFDD has been approved for their 501 (c) 3 status in order to make all donation tax deductible. Bringing this type of awareness and change requires financial support.  We are working on publishing our budget goals in the near future, but in the meantime, you can help financially by making a donation to our PayPal account.

Thanks to all our supporters!  Together we can make this happen.

About Us

Distracted driving is an epidemic worldwide and it is growing at a fast rate. MNFDD was created in honor of Chuck and Cassy Maurer. While on their way home from the library they became a statistic of distracted driving. A full size, extended cab F-150 T-boned Chuck’s minivan at 65 MPH. Chuck died that evening, while being airlifted to the hospital and Cassy died 10 days later, unable to recover from her traumatic brain injuries. One crash, two lives, gone, all for a Facebook message. Most think that it will never happen to them. That is true until the moment it does.

MNFDD is ready to fight this growing epidemic called distracted driving. We are here to bring awareness to school, businesses, and communities about the dangers and prevention of distracted driving. We want to make sure everyone knows that no one is immune from this as we all share the same roadways. We offer engaging presentations to a wide variety of community groups on what is considered distracted driving, statistics, ways to prevent distracted driving, and a few personal stories.

Distracted driving needs to come to an end and MNFDD vows to do everything in its power to help make that happen. One of our main goals is to save lives through presentation, billboards, signs, etc. We want to reach legislature and prove to them that the laws and penalties don’t compare to what distracted driving is doing to families whose loved ones are injured or killed. Another goal is to push the ban of hand held devices in all vehicles. The research is crystal clear- the only thing drivers should be doing behind the wheel is driving.

Distracted driving is real and extremely dangerous and it’s time for someone to stand up and say enough is enough. MNFDD is here to do that. We are a voice that is not going to stop until we are heard. We will push until there is change. We are the change that Minnesota needs. We are the voice of all the victims who no longer have a voice.  

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